Selected Topics in Finance 70-794-01


  Reading Materials


1 Internal vs.External Successions and Their Effect on Firm Performance
2 Ben Graham's Net Current Asset Value Rule Revisited:The Size-Adjusted Returns
3 Pay at the executive suite: How do US banks compensate their top management teams?
4 A note on trading mechanism and securities’ value: The analysis of rejects from continuous trade
5 Market microstructure and securities values:Evidence from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
6 Stock Market Crashes and the Performance of Circuit Breakers:Empirical Evidence
7 Switching to Continuous Trading and its Impact on Return Behavior and Volume of Trade
8 קרנות נאמנות בישראל: שיעורי תשואה וסיכון
9 Market Value Maximizing Ownership Structure when Investor Protection is Weak
11 Timing and Wealth Effects of German Dual Class Stock Unifications
12 The Value of Voting Rights to Majority Shareholders: Evidence from Dual-Class Stock Unifications
13 Firm-initiated and Exchange-initiated Transfers to Continuous Trading: Evidence from the Warsaw Stock Exchange
14 The Capital Asset Pricing Model: Theory and Evidence
15 Keeping Up with the Joneses and the Home Bias
16 Investor Protection and Corporate Valuation
18 Efficient Labor and Capital Markets: Evidence from CEO Appointments
19 The Impact of Minimum-Trading-Units on Stock Value and Price Volatility
20 Consolidation
21 התפתחות מחירי מניות המשתנים בשלבי המסחר השונים בבורסה
22 ערך שליטה
23 שכר מנכ"ל
24 מצגת ממשל תאגידי
25 שכר מנהלים רבעון לכלכלה סופי


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