Faculty List


Name Research Interests
Dr.Eyal Yaniv Prof. Eyal Yaniv Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Innovation Marketing, Organizational Attention, Organizational Culture.

Vice Chairman

Name Research Interests
Prof. Roy Gelbard Prof. Roy Gelbard Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery, SW Project Management


Name Research Interests
Dr. Menachem (Meni) Abudy Dr. Menachem (Meni) Abudy Market micro-structure, Liquidity, Marketability, Corporate governance, Equity-Based compensation
Dr.Enav Fridmann Dr. Enav Fridmann Consumer Behavior, Brand Preferences and Choice, Social Marketing- Health Related Social Behavior
Raveh Harush Dr. Raveh Harush Multiple identities, Teams, Leadership, and Globalization
Dr. Zvi Josman Dr. Zvi Josman Organizational Psychology, Decision Making Processes, Social Responsibility, Leadership and Conflict Management.
Prof. Guy Kaplanski Behavioral Finance, Portfolio Theory, Capital Markets, Asset Pricing.
Prof. Beni Lauterbach Prof. Beni Lauterbach Corporate Control and Social Responsibility, Financial Markets' Microstructure and Asset Pricing.
Yevgeny Mugerman Dr. Yevgeny Mugerman Behavioral Finance, Corporate Finance
ד"ר נירה מוניצ'ור Dr. Nira Munichor Consumer Behavior, Judgment and Decision Making, Behavioral Decision Theory, Time Effects in Consumer Behavior
Dr. Dikla Perez Consumer psychology and behavior Consumer judgment and decision-making Consistency in consumption behavior Identity, and social psychology effects on consumer behavior
Dr. Matti Rachamim Dr. Matti Rachamim Marketing
Alon Raviv Dr. Alon Raviv Risk Management, Banking, Corporate Finance and Financial Stability
Dr. Onn Schechori Prof. Onn Schechori Information Systems
Prof. David Schwartz Prof. David Schwartz mHealth, Knowledge Management, Social Network Analysis, Cybersecurity, Electronic Business, Intelligent Systems, Internet Technology, Computer-mediated Communication.
Dr. Inbal Yahav-Shenberger Dr. Inbal Yahav-Shenberger Interface Between Data Mining and Optimization Models, Models for Healthcare Applications, Social Networks Analysis in the Contexts of Online Auctions.