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EMBA Public Sector

EMBA Public Sector

The Executive MBA program for the Public Sector is especially designed for managers and executives currently employed in the public sector. The emphasis in the Executive MBA is on general upper management and not on specific areas, with a general orientation towards upper management positions. The program began in 1996 and included 30 classes so far. The next class will begin on March 2022.

Application prerequisites: an undergraduate (B.A. or equivalent) degree from an accredited academic institution in Israel or abroad, with a GPA score of at least 76, and at least 5 years of significant managerial or professional experience. Applicants must also currently hold a full-time position in a public sector organization (e.g., government office, IDF or security forces, non-profit organizations, academic institutes, health facilities, etc.)

For further details please contact us at or at +972-3-7363679

Last Updated Date : 30/05/2021