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Executive MBA Executive Program - Biennial


The two-year Executive MBA is an Executive Program for the Master of Business Administration.
The program established in 1996 and until now completed over 30 cycles of the program, which
includes over 1,000 graduates. The graduates of the program have reached many key positions in the
economy of Israel.


This program was designed to train executives and senior professionals for leading and groundbreaking
positions, who are interested in advancing to a master’s degree in business administration and acquiring
innovative and practical tools for success in the world of management and business.

The training provided in the program is based on a multidisciplinary integrative managerial approach
that includes, among other things, the following key issues: financing, marketing, strategy, legal aspects
and negotiation management. The studies in the program create a connection between theory and
practice and provide tools that help develop managerial thinking and see the current and future needs
of the business world.


The degree awarded to the program graduates is a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) in the
Executive MBA program of Bar Ilan University.


Benefits and uniqueness of the program:
A dedicated and unique program for principals, long-standing and highly experienced at Bar-Ilan

One school day a week
Exemption from GMAT
University tuition
The curriculum is integrative and includes a variety of topics in business administration, which
combines theory and practice appropriate to managers

A program that is fertile ground for creating professional and interpersonal relationships -
studies in a group of managers and belonging to a quality alumni community

1. Bachelor's degree from a recognized academic institution in Israel or around the world with a
grade point average of 76 or higher.

2. Proven significant managerial / command / professional experience of at least 5 years

  • The number of places in the program is limited. Admission to the program in accordance with the data of the candidates and the order of registration.
  • Link to register - Here
  • For instructions on how to register

School day
The school day is on Wednesday, between the hours of 13:00 - 22:00 (hours vary, depending on the
Every school day (including those in the summer semester) that takes place outside of the
regular school day in the program (Wednesday) will take place in distance learning (using the zoom).

Completion courses
Mathematics - will be held during the first semester of school (2002, second semester) on
Fridays, between the hours of 9: 00-10: 30, and the exercise between the hours of 10: 45-12: 15,
in distance learning.

Introduction to Economics - will be held during the first semester of studies (2002, second
semester) as an electronic course. The practice will take place on Wednesdays, between the
hours of 15: 00-16: 30.

Students who have not studied in an academic course mathematics courses (mainly HADA) and
Introduction to Economics (micro and macro), or students who have taken these courses and passed
more than 7 years from the date of graduation, will be required to take completion courses in these
subjects under the program. To examine eligibility for exemption from completion courses based on
previous studies, please contact the program secretariat by email.

The scope of studies
The scope of the program is 19 semester courses and a final project, which provide 42 credits. In
addition, there is a compulsory Judaism (4 credits) and English.

From the courses taught in the program: Leadership in Managing People Innovation and
Entrepreneurship Management Cultivating Service Excellence Financial Accounting Funding Principles
Public Service Leaders Management Information Systems International Economics Public Law Business
Strategy Communication and Management Cyber Basics Marketing Strategy and Digital Innovation Legal
and Practical Aspects of Corporate Governance Conflict Management and Negotiation Real Estate |
Business Game | Business Ethics & Corporate Responsibility | Principles of Management | Final Project *
Changes are possible.


Duration of studies
The studies last about two years - 6 semesters in a row:
1. Second semester - 2.3.22 to 24.6.22
2. Summer semester - 8.8.22 to 23.9.22
3. First semester - 23.10.22 to 24.1.23
4. Second semester - 12.3.23 to 30.6.23
5. Summer semester - 6.8.23 to 14.9.23
6. First semester - 18.10.23 to 21.1.24

Important highlights:
Between the semesters, there is a period of exams and submission of assignments.
In the summer semester, Sundays may be added to the current additional day of the week,
subject to the needs of the curriculum.

There may be additional changes and meetings that we will update accordingly and close to the date.
Exemption from the GMAT test
Candidates for the Executive Program are not required to take the GMAT exam.
This exemption is granted based on the managerial / command / professional experience
required in the program.

The cost of the program - Tuition is university.
Data and procedures of the Department of Tuition and the University are the determinants.
The registration fee of NIS 467 is not included in the tuition.
The program does not include special courses and services.
For further inquiries regarding tuition fees, you can submit an application at the link - an
application form to the Tuition Department

For the tuition calculator - https://www2.biu.ac.il/tuition

For more information and to contact the EMBA Executive Board Secretariat (biennial)
Telephone answering: 03-5317187
School of Business Administration - Building 504 (by prior arrangement)
emba.gov@biu.ac.il | https://mba.biu.ac.il/emba_public

The University may change the admission procedures, curriculum (course contents, names of lecturers
teaching the course, etc.), and the curriculum (such as canceling a course of study, introducing changes
in the course schedule and canceling courses), provided that these do not involve changing the overall
quota of Study hours as were customary in the student's first year of study.