Research Achievements

Name Achievement Year
Prof. Schwartz David NIH Award!! "UnityPhilly Response App for Overdose Reversal: Assessing Citywide Effectiveness and Sustainability". 2023
Prof. Schwartz David Publication in Management Science 2023
Dr. Mugerman Yevgeny The Israel Innovation Authority Research Grant 2022-2024 --- Government Funding for Startup Companies as Market Signal about their Quality 2022
Prof. Abudy Menachem (Meni) 2022-2024 ISF (Israel Science Foundation) --- Liquidity Demand and Provision among Different Types of Institutional Investors 2022
Prof. Shehory Onn Elevation to the grade of Senior Member of IEEE 2022
Prof. Abudy Menachem (Meni) “The winner takes it all: investor sentiment and the Eurovision Song Contest” in Journal of Banking & Finance has been selected for inclusion in the Elsevier Research Selection 2022
Prof. Yaniv Eyal Horizon Grant --- Bar-Ilan Center for Smart Cities 2021
Prof. Schwartz David Taiwan-Israel Ministry of Science and Technology International Cooperation Grant --- Empirical Study of the Psychological Ownership of mHealth Apps Model for Treatment Adherence to Digital Health Interventions 2021
Dr. Mugerman Yevgeny Meaning and Gender Differences --- When the gift incentive is nonexistent, women attribute a greater sense of meaning to their contribution, whereas this effect is largely absent or even reversed in men. 2021
Dr. Munichor Nira CBSIG Small Research Grants Competition American Marketing Association 2021