Ph.D. Dissertations

Year Student Advisor
2021 Wisdom of the crowd or people like me? Preferences between volume and similarity in electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) PhD Limor Sahar Inbar
2020 A novel personality-based approach for extracting weighted traits associated with specific user behaviors PhD Rachel - Yahel Halfon Prof. David Schwartz
Prof. Onn Shehory
2020 can nudges be ethically deployed? an investigation of the effectiveness of disclosed nudges, and of attitudes of consumers and businesses towards nudging PhD Ariel Tikosky
2020 Ongoing review of classifier's rules to support dynamic data environment PhD Anna Khalemsky Prof. Roy Gelbard
2020 The effectiveness and potential of smartphone-based crowdsourced emergency response communities PhD Michael Khalemsky Prof. David Schwartz
2020 The future of the Kibbutzim and their elderly members with reference to the expected reforms in taxation and long term care insurance PhD Michal Eliahu-Ashkenazi Prof. Yaffa Machnes
2019 Assessing pharmaco-behavioral and temporal aspects of mobile based emergency response communities intervention in medical emergencies PhD Michal Gaziel Yablowitz Prof. David Schwartz
2019 Benchmarking in CEO compensation design PhD Revital Yosef Prof. Beni Lauterbach
2019 Decision making in the production and purchasing of drugs PhD Michal Davidescu Prof. Yaffa Machnes
2018 A diffusion model for green building and the green consumer PhD Naor Versano Prof. Gila E. Fruchter
2018 cluster Evolution Analysis: Identification and detection of similar clusters and migration patterns PhD Roni Ramon-Gonen Prof. Roy Gelbard
2018 Determining statement of work (S.O.W) of product release by clustering of project activities PhD Ran Etgar Prof. Roy Gelbard
2018 The relationship between manager's attachment style, team chosen, transactive memory system and innovativeness and between team PhD Michal Mozes Prof. Eyal Yaniv
2018 Who are the advisors that affect individuals' investment decision? PhD Or Iny Prof. Guy Kaplanski
2017 The effect of a company's publications regarding pending patents registration and their approval, on it's shares price PhD Itsik Albert Prof. Yaffa Machnes
2017 The human brand life cycle PhD Irit Kaufmann Prof. Joshua Lieberman
2016  Implications of Imployment Contracts on IT Personnel Knowledge sharing PhD Noam Koriat Prof. Roy Gelbard
2015 The Connection between Directorate Interlocks, Busy Directorate and Performance PhD Einat Doron Prof. Eyal Yaniv
2014 The affect of of Resilience on Project Success: The contribution of High-Quality Relationships, Access to Knowledge, Experiential Learning, Resilience & Creative Problem Solving to Project Success PhD Avraham Levi Prof. Beni Lauterbach
2013 Acceptance of Enterprise Resource planning Systems PhD Shaul Levi Prof. Roy Gelbard
Doron Tauber
2013 Classification by Clustering as a Method for Attribute's Saliency Detection PhD Barak Aviad Prof. Roy Gelbard
2012 Analysis of knowledge flow in organizations using meta-data ties of information, documents and social networks PhD Sadan Zac Prof. David Schwartz
2012 Exploring the Role of Upper Echelons in Enhancing the Success of the IPO and the Consummation of a Business Combination among SPACs PhD Frieder Israel Prof. Avi Carmeli
2012 Risk, Uncertainty and Information ("Financial Entropy") PhD Tapiero Oren Prof. Yaffa Machnes