Ph.D. Dissertations

Yearsort icon Title Degree Student Advisor
2011 Trends in The Insurance Industry and With Private Credit Customers in The Israeli Economy Ph.D Chaba Elia Machnes Yaffa
2011 Effects of Job Insecurity on Work Performance and Intention to Leave Ph.D Horovitz Shoshi Weisberg Jacob
2011 The relationship between the auditor capacities, management support, the auditor auditee exchange and the organizational learning and performance improvement Ph.D Ma’ayan Yahel
2011 ‫ כניסה של חברות רב לאמיות לשוק מקומי: באלו אסטרטגיות תגובה בוחרות הפירמות המקומיות? ‬ Ph.D Shor Israel
2011 Does corporate governance quality affect the market value of Israeli firms? Ph.D Shahmoon Menashe Lauterbach Beni
2010 Data Mining via Unified Fuzzy Representation Model Ph.D Meged Avichai Gelbard Roy
2010 Structuring of human resource management processes and creativity in teams: the mediating role of team human capital & social capital ((a multi-level research)) Ph.D Binyamin Galy Carmeli Avi
2010 Reference architecture for a grid oriented enterprise service bus Ph.D Yochpaz Ronen Schwartz David
2010 Mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry: analysis of M&A impact on stock prices & risk Ph.D Shwartz Doron Machnes Yaffa
2010 Work-family balance: the importance of perceived organizational support, perceived suprvisor support and perceived family support, and their implications on individual psychological avilability and energy at work Ph.D Shtiegman Anat Carmeli Avi