The MBA Program for Honor Graduating Students


  • The program enables excellent undergraduate and graduate students from any university and any faculty to complete, within 15 months, an MBA degree.
  • Current admission criteria: a cumulative grade average of 85 in undergraduate studies and a minimum of 126 in the quantitate section of the psychometric exam.


Advantages of this MBA program

  • We do not require a GMAT exam.
  • Students receive a high-quality university degree.
  • Significant time saving:  duration of 15 months only. In addition, admission is possible after the second year of undergraduate studies.
  • This is a structured program that enables to combine degree studies and work. Preparatory studies, where needed, are scheduled on Thursdays afternoon and on Fridays. Graduate studies will be held on Tuesdays afternoon and on Fridays.
  • An environment of top-quality students. We hope that our MBA program would gain superior reputation in labor market.
  • Low cost – you pay the standard university tuition fees.