About Us

The Graduate School of Business Administration at Bar-Ilan University offers MBA and PhD programs of study in a variety of focal areas including finance, strategy, marketing, information technologies and systems, and organizational behavior. 

In addition the School offers an Executive MBA program for experienced business managers and an International MBA program taught entirely in English. Academic Excellence Scholarships are available for students from China who register for the International MBA program.

 Our research faculty lead a broad and varied range of research programs and are active at the leading edge of international research efforts.


The School of Business serves as a bridge between the academic research world and the world of business.  Research by the faculty of the School of Business is not just meant to develop advanced theories, but to lead to appliedresearch andpractical management tools.These tools are meant to assist managers in making better and more profitable decisions in the fields of marketing, finance, management and information systems. For example, such research may helpa multinational pharmaceutical firm assess the effectiveness of advertising in which billions are invested. Similarly,research in this area makes it possible to predict the market response to the opening of a new chain of residential housing developmentsor redefine product offerings based on customer perception.

The specialty of Information Systems focuses on the different aspects of information and technology management and the creation of business intelligence for the development of the organization. The faculty in this specialty explore the various relevant aspects (algorithmic, technological and organizational behavioral).  Publications of the faculty members include books, articles and field work in the areasof knowledge management, management of project software, cloud technology, social-networkbased models, and new models in the field of data mining and informatics. Studies by faculty members involve a variety of business sectors, including the industrials, the health sector, government, financial and insurance service industries, Israel’s high-tech industries. and others.