The School of Business Administration

Modern business education involves learning the skills needed to run, manage, and grow organizations and corporations. Geared towards providing practical, applicable skills, MBA program constitutes one of the most common kinds of formal business education. Over the decades, our MBA evolved into a program that focuses on development management essential qualities. Therefore, our school strives to produce qualified managers by providing a blend of practical and academic training.

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Bar-Ilan University Business School’s academic strength and global outlook drives original and challenging business thinking. We contest conventional knowledge, transform careers and empower our students to change the way Israel does business.
Academic Staff
Research: New Working papers & materials  How Likely is an Inflation Disaster?, with Jens Hilscher and Ricardo Reis ​​​​ Current version: April 2022.  "…
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First place winner student Meir Cohen, left, and Dr. Raveh Harush from BDr. Raveh Harush from Bar-Ilan University’s Graduate School of Business Administration
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Finance is a wide field that incorporates handling and optimizing capital…