Support our students on the frontline


We have started a new project to raise funds for the enlisted students.

Around 5,000 students of Bar Ilan University have enlisted for the war. They need our support for physical and mental relief on the front lines, and we are all their backing!

These students have left their homes, families, and academic dreams to fight for the survival and security of the State of Israel. They are under emotional and economic pressure and need a sense of security and peace of mind. Their peace of mind will come from the knowledge that they have our support – for tuition, living expenses, and post-war care.

Our mission is to provide our students on the front lines with immediate financial support so they can focus on their mission today and emerge victorious. We have established a support fund for them, and now we need your donations to support them and ensure their future.

Join us, together we can give them backing!


Link for donation