Ph.D. Dissertations

Yearsort icon Title Degree Student Advisor
2009 Internal and external high quality connections and their contribution to team learning processes Ph.D Brueller Daphna Carmeli Avi
2009 Diffusion of technology products that keep improving : a model for forecastin new adoption and repeat pruchase pre-launch Ph.D Orbach Yair Fruchter Gila E.
2009 The relationship between manager’s attachment style and the group’s organizational culture and performance Ph.D Nathan Liron
2008 Decision support system methodology using a visual approach to cluster analysis problems Ph.D Bittmann Ran
2008 The impact of TMT behavioral integration complexity on the persormance of strategic business units : the mediating role of ambidexterity Ph.D Yitzhack Halevi Meyrav Carmeli Avi
2008 A quality measuring methodology for mobile-wireless information systems Ph.D Gafni Ruti
2008 Different levels of ability motivation and opportunity to process advertising messages and their influence on message adaptation in global advertising Ph.D Tsimarman Alexandr Yehoshua Libermann
2008 The effect of web site quality on consumer’s intention to click on advertising banners in commercial web sites Ph.D Sharoni Gil
2007 The issue of governance in import theory : a case for relationship commitment Ph.D Weinberg Diana Carmeli Avi
2007 Integrating software engineering tools with projects portfolio costing Ph.D Edelist Liran