Ph.D. Dissertations

Yearsort icon Title Degree Student Advisor
2007 Organizational social capital and it’s [i.e. its] implications on the individual at work Ph.D Ben Hador Batia
2007 Employees’ perception of the external stakeholders evaluation regarding organizational and professional prestige and its effect on compassion, generosity, and altruism: the mediating role of organizational and professional identification Ph.D Gilat Gershon
2007 An algorithm for optimal matching of celebrity to product advertising Ph.D Zviling Moti Fruchter Gila E.
2007 Factors affecting the willingness to share knowledge in organizations and the influence of knowledge sharing on reward, performance and intention to leave the organization Ph.D Reychav Iris Weisberg Jacob
2006 Consumer’s psychographic variables influencing private label proneness Ph.D Gendel-Guterman Hanna Lampert Shlomo
2006 Extending structured systems analysis to knowledge management and unstructured data Ph.D Tauber Doron Schwartz David
2006 The individual creativity at work, the importance of social identity processes and positive experiences at work Ph.D Choen-Meitar Ravit
2006 The intra-relation of executive compensation firm performance and ownership structure in Israeli companies Ph.D Cohen Shmuel Lauterbach Beni
2006 Impulsive banners internet banners in view of impulsive purchase Ph.D Moses Eyal Yehoshua Libermann
2006 Factors affecting the effectiveness of Pygmalion training Ph.D Raphael Yafit Elizur Dov