Dr. Ori Grossman (CPA)

Building 504, Room 316
Fields of Interest

Consumer behavior

Research Categories

Dr. CPA Ori Grossman is Doctoral graduate at the faculty of Business Administration, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Grossman has deep, extensive academic and professional knowledge and rich experience in Israel's capital market - has served in senior professional positions in top graded institutions, as: Head of the Professional Practice and Risk Management Department at the economic consulting firm Giza Singer Even; Regulator in the Corporate Finance Department at the Israel Securities Authority; Accountant in the professional practice department at BDO Ziv Haft.

Dr. Grossman holds an MBA (Cum Laude) and BA in economics and accounting from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and BA (Magna Cum Laude) in political science and communication from Bar Ilan University. 

CV - link




  • Advances research methods
  • Management seminar
  • Practicum
  • Financial accounting
  • Financial statements analysis
  • Financial statements and accounting problems
  • Introduction to Microeconomics
  • Introduction to Macroeconomics


  • שיטות מחקר מתקדמות
  • סמינריון בניהול
  • פרקטיקום 
  • חשבונאות פיננסית
  • ניתוח דוחות כספיים
  • דוחות כספיים ובעיות מתקדמות בחשבונאות
  • מבוא לכלכלה מיקרו
  • מבוא לכלכלה מקרו

Grossman, O. & Rachamim, M. (2023). “Does Classical Versus Pop Music Influence Coffee Purchase Likelihood?”, Psychology of Music (Accepted). link

Hornik, J., Ofir, C., Rachamim, M., & Grossman, O. (2023). “The Bittersweet of Success: Malicious Online Responses to Others Achievements", Frontiers in Psychology, 14, 292. link

Hornik, J., Rachamim, M., Shaanan Satchi, R., & Grossman, O. (2021). “A Dark Side of Human Behavior: Development of a Malicious Sentiments Scale to Others Success or Failure”, Computers in Human Behavior Reports. link

Hornik, J., Rachamim, M., & Grossman, O. (2021).”Ripples of Contempt: Aversive Responses to Other (Mis)Fortunes”, Motivation and Emotion, 45, 809-817. link


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Last Updated Date : 28/03/2023