Marketing and Business Development

The MBA+ Program in Marketing trains graduates for key roles in the field of management, both locally and internationally, guided by a view that executives in all spheres of business ought to possess a marketing education.

The intense competition that defines the present era obliges companies to significantly invest in marketing processes, whilst taking advantage of business opportunities, and adapting to the dynamic transformations occurring in the markets in which they operate. The Program in Marketing is tailored to anyone seeking to make their mark in the business world in an executive capacity, above all on account of the practical tools the Program imparts, which allow students to grasp a broad spectrum of business processes relevant to the current epoch.

In most leading companies, those possessing an education in marketing have become a central part of the senior management, a logical consequence of the growing recognition that marketing is invaluable to the organization’s development and advancement, primarily in competitive markets.

The Program incorporates advanced marketing courses, guest lectures by eminent marketing industry figures, as well as a practicum (internship) in marketing.

In addition to the Program’s core studies, students are given the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and practical experience by participating in one of the following two learning clusters:

A Digital Marketing Cluster focused on acquainting students with the digital marketing tools, strategies, techniques, and channels used to achieve a business advantage in an age in which major marketing budgets are being shifted away from traditional media toward digital media. All students who successfully complete the Digital Marketing Cluster are awarded a certificate attesting to such.

A Marketing and Innovation Management Cluster whose aim is to introduce students to essential marketing tools for tech companies, as well as to processes and strategies for negotiating markets characterized by innovative product development. All students who successfully complete the Marketing and Innovation Management Cluster are awarded a certificate attesting to such.

Alongside one of the two aforenoted clusters, each student may also participate in an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cluster, which is designed to broaden their knowledge and experience in areas of particular relevance to the entrepreneur, or to anyone interested in taking part in a technological initiative. All students who successfully complete the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cluster are awarded a certificate attesting to such.

Likewise, students are offered the possibility of enrolling in a Corporate Governance (Directors) Cluster, comprised of a basic corporate governance course included in the syllabus as well as two advanced courses in this area. All students who successfully complete the Corporate Governance Cluster are awarded a certificate attesting to such.

Successful completion of the MBA+ Program in Marketing enables graduates to continue their studies at the doctoral level, provided that they satisfy all the requirements for admission to such studies.