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Matti Rachamim is a member of the faculty at the School of Business Administration, Bar-Ilan University. Matti received her Ph.D. in Marketing from the Hebrew University Business School. She also holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry (Magna cum Laude) and an MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Matti currently serves as Chair of the Marketing Department and Chair of the Executive MBA Programs at the School of Business Administration, Bar-Ilan University.

Her research interests focus on advertising (product placement), consumer behavior, social marketing, and consumer decision-making. In her work she has examined the influence of subliminal marketing content on consumer decision-making; factors shaping advertising’s effectiveness; negative advertising’s impact on consumer behavior; and the effect of ethnic identity on consumer preferences.

Courses she teaches currently include Marketing Management, Consumer Decision-Making, Business Marketing, Advanced Issues in Marketing, and Social Marketing.


Rachamim, M., Shagrir, M. L., & Grossman, O. Product placement in mass media: A content analysis on different product placements.

Rachamim, M., Grossman, O., & Graguer, S. The impact of green products on the consumer's attitude in exposure to product placement.

Rachamim, M., Nathan, O., Grossman, O., & Graguer, S. Product placement in video games: New insights.

Berger, R., Barnes, B. R., Lee, L., & Rachamim, M. Are Christian Arabs’ business models different from those of Muslim Arabs?

Berger, R., Abbas, J. A., Barnes, B. R., & Rachamim, M. The six schools of Islamic thought: Implications for foreign business.

Hornik, J., Rachamim, M., & Grossman, O. The bittersweet taste of success: Malicious responses to commercial entities achievements.

Hornik, J., Rachamim, M., & Grossman, O. A tango of two dark emotions: Mixed reactions to marketplace entities’ (mis)fortunes.

Ofir, C., Grossman, O., & Rachamim, M. Some questions about the mechanisms of CLT.


Marketing Management: 70-636

Consumer Decision-Making: 70-664

Business Marketing (B2B): 70-916

Advanced Issues in Marketing: 70-633

Social Marketing: 70-796

Award for Distinguished Teaching, Teacher of the Year Honors, School of Business Administration, Bar-Ilan University, 2019.

Award for Distinguished Teaching, Teacher of the Year Honors, School of Business Administration, Bar-Ilan University, 2020.



Hornik, J., Ofir, C., & Rachamim, M. (2016). Quantitative evaluation of persuasive appeals using comparative meta-analysis. The Communication Review, 19(3), 192-222.

Hornik, J., Ofir, C., & Rachamim, M. (2017). Advertising appeals, moderators, and impact on persuasion: A quantitative assessment creates a hierarchy of appeals. Journal of advertising research, 57(3), 305-318.

Hornik, J., Satchi, R. S., & Rachamim, M. (2019). The joy of pain: A gloating account of negative electronic word-of-mouth communication following an organizational setback. Internet Research, 29(1). 82-103.
The paper was chosen by the Editorial Team of Internet Research for the Outstanding Paper Award.

Hornik, J., Rachamim, M., & Grossman, O. (2021). Ripples of contempt: aversive responses to others (mis) fortunes. Motivation and Emotion, 45(6), 809-817.

Hornik, J., Rachamim, M., Satchi, R. S., & Grossman, O. (2021). A dark side of human behavior: development of a malicious sentiments scale to others success or failure. Computers in Human Behavior Reports, 4.

Song, Y., Berger, R., Rachamim, M., Johnston, A., & Colladon, A. F. (2022). Modeling the industry perspective of university-industry collaborative innovation alliances: Player behavior and stability issues. International Journal of Engineering Business Management, 14.

Berger, R., Drori, N., Rachamim, M., & Alon, I. (forthcoming). Towards an Emic Model of Business Culture. Competitiveness Review.

Berger, R., Barnes, B. R., Rachamim, M., & Silbiger, A. (forthcoming). Is Guanxi prevalent across China? Evidence from seventeen provinces. European Journal of International Management.

Man, T. W. Y., Berger, R., & Rachamim, M. (forthcoming). A social constructivist perspective on novice entrepreneurial learning in business incubators. International Journal of Emerging Markets.

גרוסמן, א., רחמים, מ., ומן, י. (2021). השפעת הזהות האתנית על העדפות צרכנים: המקרה של ערביי מזרח ירושלים. תיאוריה ופרקטיקה בניהול, 2, 78-58.

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Ofir, C., & Rachamim, M. (2011). Processing of price information. In J. N. Sheth (Ed.), Legends in marketing. Sage Publications IndiaPvt Ltd.

Rachamim, M., Graguer, S., Grossman, O., & Ofir, C (Ed.). (in press). New directions in behavioral pricing and introduction. In New Directions in behavioral pricing. World Scientific Publishing.

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