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    Matti Rachamim is a member of the faculty at the School of Business Administration, Bar-Ilan University. Matti received her Ph.D. in Marketing from the Hebrew University Business School. She also holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry (Magna cum Laude) and an MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    Matti currently serves as Chair of the Executive MBA Programs at the School of Business Administration, Bar-Ilan University.

    Her research interests focus on advertising (product placement), consumer behavior, social marketing, and consumer decision-making. In her work she has examined the influence of subliminal marketing content on consumer decision-making; factors shaping advertising’s effectiveness; negative advertising’s impact on consumer behavior; and the effect of ethnic identity on consumer preferences.

    Courses she teaches currently include Marketing Management, Consumer Decision-Making, Business Marketing, Advanced Issues in Marketing, and Social Marketing.


    Rachamim, M., Shagrir, M. L., & Grossman, O. Product placement in mass media: A content analysis on different product placements.

    Rachamim, M., Grossman, O., & Graguer, S. The impact of green products on the consumer's attitude in exposure to product placement.

    Rachamim, M., Nathan, O., Grossman, O., & Graguer, S. Product placement in video games: New insights.

    Berger, R., Barnes, B. R., Lee, L., & Rachamim, M. Are Christian Arabs’ business models different from those of Muslim Arabs?

    Berger, R., Abbas, J. A., Barnes, B. R., & Rachamim, M. The six schools of Islamic thought: Implications for foreign business.

    Hornik, J., Rachamim, M., & Grossman, O. The bittersweet taste of success: Malicious responses to commercial entities achievements.

    Hornik, J., Rachamim, M., & Grossman, O. A tango of two dark emotions: Mixed reactions to marketplace entities’ (mis)fortunes.

    Ofir, C., Grossman, O., & Rachamim, M. Some questions about the mechanisms of CLT.


    Marketing Management: 70-636

    Consumer Decision-Making: 70-664

    Business Marketing (B2B): 70-916

    Advanced Issues in Marketing: 70-633

    Social Marketing: 70-796

    Award for Distinguished Teaching, Teacher of the Year Honors, School of Business Administration, Bar-Ilan University, 2019.

    Award for Distinguished Teaching, Teacher of the Year Honors, School of Business Administration, Bar-Ilan University, 2020.



    Hornik, J., Ofir, C., & Rachamim, M. (2016). Quantitative evaluation of persuasive appeals using comparative meta-analysis. The Communication Review, 19(3), 192-222.

    Hornik, J., Ofir, C., & Rachamim, M. (2017). Advertising appeals, moderators, and impact on persuasion: A quantitative assessment creates a hierarchy of appeals. Journal of advertising research, 57(3), 305-318.

    Hornik, J., Satchi, R. S., & Rachamim, M. (2019). The joy of pain: A gloating account of negative electronic word-of-mouth communication following an organizational setback. Internet Research, 29(1). 82-103.
    The paper was chosen by the Editorial Team of Internet Research for the Outstanding Paper Award.

    Hornik, J., Rachamim, M., & Grossman, O. (2021). Ripples of contempt: aversive responses to others (mis) fortunes. Motivation and Emotion, 45(6), 809-817.

    Hornik, J., Rachamim, M., Satchi, R. S., & Grossman, O. (2021). A dark side of human behavior: development of a malicious sentiments scale to others success or failure. Computers in Human Behavior Reports, 4.

    Song, Y., Berger, R., Rachamim, M., Johnston, A., & Colladon, A. F. (2022). Modeling the industry perspective of university-industry collaborative innovation alliances: Player behavior and stability issues. International Journal of Engineering Business Management, 14.

    Berger, R., Drori, N., Rachamim, M., & Alon, I. (forthcoming). Towards an Emic Model of Business Culture. Competitiveness Review.

    Berger, R., Barnes, B. R., Rachamim, M., & Silbiger, A. (forthcoming). Is Guanxi prevalent across China? Evidence from seventeen provinces. European Journal of International Management.

    Man, T. W. Y., Berger, R., & Rachamim, M. (forthcoming). A social constructivist perspective on novice entrepreneurial learning in business incubators. International Journal of Emerging Markets.

    גרוסמן, א., רחמים, מ., ומן, י. (2021). השפעת הזהות האתנית על העדפות צרכנים: המקרה של ערביי מזרח ירושלים. תיאוריה ופרקטיקה בניהול, 2, 78-58.

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    Ofir, C., & Rachamim, M. (2011). Processing of price information. In J. N. Sheth (Ed.), Legends in marketing. Sage Publications IndiaPvt Ltd.

    Rachamim, M., Graguer, S., Grossman, O., & Ofir, C (Ed.). (in press). New directions in behavioral pricing and introduction. In New Directions in behavioral pricing. World Scientific Publishing.

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