Dr. Alon Bartal

Fields of Interest

Mining and modeling complex graphs and networks at all scales such as social media and biological networks.

  • Analyzing large-scale data and online media
  • Bioinformatics
  • Business Analytics
  • Computational Biology
  • Graph-theory algorithms and machine learning 
  • Mining and modeling large social and information networks
  • Network Analysis (e.g., diffusion of information and influence in networks)

A note to students: I am looking for  highly motivated students. If you are interested in my research topics and looking for an advisor, please email me and attach: your academic grade transcript, and CV.

Research Categories

    My research mainly involves analyzing and modeling complex and dynamic networks at all scales, such as biological networks, and human interactions. I apply tools of Computational Biology, Natural Language Processing, Complex Network Analysis, and Machine Learning for better understanding observed processes, such as gene-disease associations, social interaction, mechanisms of influence, and contagion spread in social and biological networks.


    70833-01 Artificial Intelligence

    70651-01 Data Warehouses in a World of Big Data

    70628-15 Management Technologies for Big Data

    70616-15‎‎ Programing Tools for Analytics

    70759-01 Social Network Analysis


    Selected publications:

    Bartal, A., & Jagodnik, K. M. (2022). Progress in and Opportunities for Applying Information Theory to Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. Entropy24(7), 925. [link]

    Bartal, A., & Jagodnik, K. M. (2021). Role-Aware Information Spread in Online Social Networks. Entropy23(11), 1542. [link]

    Bartal, A., & Ravid, G. (2021). Analyzing a large and unobtainable relationship graph using a streaming activity graph. Information Sciences546, 1097-1112. [link]

    Bartal, A., Lachmann, A., Clarke, D. J., Seiden, A. H., Jagodnik, K. M., & Ma’ayan, A. (2020). EnrichrBot: Twitter bot tracking tweets about human genes. Bioinformatics36(12), 3932-3934. [link]

    Bartal, A., Pliskin, N., & Tsur, O. (2020). Local/Global contagion of viral/non-viral information: Analysis of contagion spread in online social networks. Plos one15(4), e0230811. [link]


    For a full list of publications please see:


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