Information Systems

The information systems discipline teaches a socio-technical approach with courses that reflect current and future industry trends, from big data and cybersecurity to crowdsourcing, text mining, social network analytics and machine learning. Supporting these forward-looking skills are the core studies of systems analysis and design, decision support, computing and communications infrastructures, software project management, and understanding the information processing needs central to the survival of every modern organization. Research in information systems spans a wide range of theoretical and empirical topics, most of which touch on how information technology can be best used in different contexts. Designing new forms of human-computer interaction; creating more accurate AI and machine-learning models; improving social media analysis techniques; and experimenting with new system designs in both organizational and individual contexts - are all examples of information systems research areas. Research and applications of information systems are found in every possible domain from digital healthcare and smart cities, to online learning, marketing strategies, financial analytics, manufacturing processes, retail networks, and international trade.