Departmental Seminar

05/03/2013 - 14:00


Dr. Itzhak Gnizy

Ono Academic College




Examining the Influence of the International Marketing

 Function in Internationally Active Firms




The role played by the marketing function (MF) has been subjected to considerable academic and public media attention leading to a range of conclusions regarding MF's influence and contribution. Recent research reflects an ongoing debate on MF’s decreasing influence attributed by some to its poor performance which affects the firm's performance. However, studies have analyzed the general marketing (GM) function and domestic operations and remained silent on international marketing's (IM) influence and its impact on firms' international operations and performance as another aspect of marketing's influence. This lacuna is unfortunate, given that internationalization is crucial to many firms in today's globalizing world. The research examines IM's influence and thus is a step to address better this phenomenon. The study refers to the interactions between the IM and non-marketing functions and specifically to the relationships with the GM, which determine IM's influence, and is the first to recognize and empirically focus on the relationships between IM and GM as distinct functions. The study extends previous models to the international context, utilizes an inclusive set of strategic international orientations and assesses possible synergy between orientations. Findings from an empirical study show that IM functions are influential and valuable. Their influence enhances performance directly and indirectly through orientations. International marketers and top management should consider tactics to increase IMs' influence and thus benefit their firms.

Tuesday, March 5  2013,  14:00


Seminar room (11), Ground Floor, Economics and Business School Building (504)