Dr. Elli Kraizberg

334; Building : 504


    Academic Degrees

    Ph.D.- New York University, Stern Business School, Finance.



                    Topic: “The Optional Forward Contract, Provided by Money

                            Center Banks in the Foreign Exchange Markets”.



    Academic Appointments

                Fordham University, USA  - 1990-1992

                 Columbia University, USA - 1985-1986

                 New Economic University, Moscow, 1996

                 Moscow State, 1997- 2002

                 NYU, Stern Business School, 1986-2001

                 Technion, Israel  1994-‏2004

                 Bar Ilan University,  from 1987   

                 Netanya Academic,   Professor,   from 2002



    Teaching subjects

            ·          Strategic policy

            ·          Corporate finance A

            ·          Corporate Finance B

            ·          Fundamentals of Finance

            ·          Risk Management

            ·          Model in Finance

            ·          Quantitative Methods in Finance

            ·          Managerial Economics

            ·          Public Policy

            ·          Money and Banking and Financial Markets

            ·          Real Estate Finance

            ·          Corporate valuation



    Editorial Board

    Open Business Journal




    Refereed Publications


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    Proceedings (refereed, journal publication equivalent)


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    Chapter in a Book - refereed


    26.       Article (7) was published  as a chapter  in a book, “Essays in Honor of J.A. Graaskamp - Ten Years Later”,  by Kluer Academic Publishers, 2000,  pp. 187-213).


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