In Memoriam


Dr. Moshe MorDr. Moshe Mor, May his memory be blessed (from 1946-2010)

Moshe Mor was born in Hungry in 1946. He received a B.A. in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from Tel-Aviv University, and attained a M.A. and a PhD from the Weizmann Institution. In the army he served in Unit 8200. He was awarded the Head of Military Intelligence Award for creative thinking on the development and application of Information Retrieval Systems in real time. He was released from the army in 1986, as a Lieutenant colonel, after 5 years where he served as the Deputy Commander of the unit's Computer Center. He served as a faculty member at Bar-Ilan University, in the Computer Science Department and in the School of Administrative Business, in the Information Systems program; while combining academic work with the study of Torah. Moshe Mor focused specifically on two areas of expertise: 1.Data Structure and Information Retrieval 2.Software engineering, modeling and, quality assurance systems. Moshe guided students studying for their M.A.s in Computer Science:

  • Shulamit Rovner, 1994, Paragraph-Based Relevance Feedback in Full Text Retrieval Systems.
  • Meir Jakubowicz, 1995, Detection and Correction of Unique Errors in OCR Output.
  • Moshe Livne, 1998, Retrieval of Relevant Documents Containing Real Word Errors.

And a Doctoral student in Information Systems, through the School of Business Administration:

  • Ruth Gafni, 2008, Mobile-Wireless Information Systems Quality Measuring Methodology.

Moshe left a wife (Mina), six children, and sixteen grandchildren.

Among his research:

  • [1] M. Mor and A.S. Fraenkel, Permutation Generation on Vector Processors, THE COMPUTER JOURNAL, Vol. 25 (No. 4), November 1982, pp. 423-428.
  • [2] M. Mor and A.S. Fraenkel, A Hash Code Method for Detecting and Correcting Spelling Errors, COMM. ACM, Vol. 25 (No. 12), December 1982, pp. 935-938.
  • [3] M. Mor and A.S. Fraenkel, Retrieval in an Environment of Faulty Text or Faulty Queries, in: DATABASE USABILITY AND RESPONSIVENESS (P. Scheuermann, Ed.), Academic Press, NY, NY, 1982, pp. 405-425.
  • [4] A.S. Fraenkel and M. Mor, Combinatorial Compression and Partitioning of Large Dictionaries, THE COMPUTER JOURNAL, Vol. 26 (No. 4), November 1983, pp. 336-343.
  • [5] A.S. Fraenkel, M. Mor and Y. Perl, Is Text Compression by Prefixes and Suffixes Practical? ACTA INFORMATICA, Vol. 20 (No. 4), December 1983, pp. 371-389.
  • [6] M. Mor and A.S. Fraenkel, Cayley-Permutations, DISCRETE MATHEMATICS, Vol. 48 (No. 1), January 1984, pp. 101-1


Prof. Rami Sagi Prof. Rami Sagi

 served as the chairman of the Graduate Business School since 1999 until passing away on March 23rd 2003. Rami held B.A and M.A from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Ph.D. from the Psychology Department in Bar-Ilan University.


Research interests :

  • Organizational Leadership
  • Organizational Values
  • Counterproductive Behavior in Organizations

Academic Activities:

  • Supervised Research students
  • Winning awards and research grants
  • Organizing scientific conferences
  • Served as reviewer and editorial member in Psychology and Management journals.
  • Won Honorary Professor from University of Flores, Buenos Eires, Argentina.
  • Consulted to Israeli companies.