Ph.D. Dissertations

Yearsort icon Title Degree Student Advisor
1995 פרסום שרותים: בחינת פניה פרסטמית אופטימלית עבור שרותי התנסות מול שרותי אמון Ph.D Flint-Goor Amir
1998 Total Quality Management (TQM) at employee's level - Influencing factors and organizational outcomes Ph.D Stashevsky Shmuel Elizur Dov
2001 Workplace, household and personal factors affects on dual-usage information technology adoption: the case of internet adoption by engineering professional at the workplace Ph.D Minkov Aharon Te'eni Dov
2002 The influence of corporate culture on information technology usage Ph.D Sternberg Akiva Elizur Dov
2003 Developing scales for the measurement of brand image Ph.D Boosi-Yehoshua Irit Nebenzahl Israel
2003 The influence of one to tone marketing strategy on the purchase decision of goal and browsing oriented consumers in E-commerce web sites Ph.D Yuster Iris Yehoshua Libermann
2004 Organizational attention as a knowledge filter : the influence of organizational attention on exploiting knowledge as a strategic resource Ph.D Yaniv Eyal Elizur Dov
2004 Consumer preferences to preventive medicine Ph.D Herzberg Nava Machnes Yaffa
2004 Computer-mediated-communication for organizational processes involving workers from different paractices Ph.D Shoval-Katz Adi Te'eni Dov
2004 The potential influence of psychology aspects in computer-mediated-communication versus face-to-face communication on the perceived loyalty of the customer to the distribution channel Ph.D Stienmez Haya Nebenzahl Israel