Ph.D. Graduates

Name Graduation Year Research Interests
Dr. Revital Yoseph 2019 Finance
Dr. Ran Etgar 2018 Information Systems
Dr. Or Iny 2018 Finance
Dr. Mozes Michal 2018 Management and OB
Dr. Roni Ramon-Gonen 2018 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Text Mining, Recommendation Systems
Dr. Itsik Albert 2017 Finance
Dr. Netanel Drori 2017 Marketing
Dr. Irit Kaufman 2017 Marketing
Dr. Yosef Heller 2016 Moderated Mediation Model of the Relationship between Creativity and Innovation, and the Implications of Innovation on the Organization (Employee Performance, and Turnover Intentions)
Dr. Noam Koriat 2016 Information Systems