Departmental Seminar

18/12/2012 - 14:00

We are happy to announce the following faculty seminar
at the Graduate School of Business Administration

 Bar-Ilan University



Professor Murali K. Mantrala

Sam M. Walton Distinguished Professor of Marketing

University of Missouri




Nonparametric Two Stage Efficiency Analysis of firms

 with Networked Marketing Units




This paper is focused on efficiency analysis and benchmarking of organizations with inter-linked or networked marketing units, i.e., the outputs of some departments may serve as inputs to the other and vice versa. Efficiency analysis of such firms, e.g., media-platforms like newspapers in two-sided markets, poses some methodological challenges. A survey of the literature suggests that none of the current efficiency benchmarking approaches account for all of these challenges simultaneously. The first contribution of this paper is to combine relatively new techniques in the operations research and statistics literatures to develop a new procedure for efficiency analysis of networked marketing units that addresses the challenges. The second contribution lies in empirical demonstration/validation of the approach via an application to U.S. print newspaper firms. While doing so, this paper also demonstrates how the developed approach outperforms applications of the existing approaches.


Keywords: Efficiency Analysis, Sliced Inverse Regression, Media-Platforms, Benchmarking.






For registration, please inform Sari Cohen, at her e-mail address:



Tuesday, December 18 2012, at  14:00


Seminar room (11), Ground Floor, Economics and Business School Building (504)