Ph.D Workshop

10/06/2014 - 14:15

תמרי-רשף איריס: ניהול והתנהגות ארגונית

השפעות תרבותיות, חיפוש-מיצוי אישי וחדשנות ארגונית בקרב עובדי פיתוח בחברה טכנולוגית גלובלית
Cultural Influences, Individual’s Exploration-Exploitation and Organizational Innovation among R&D Employees in a Global Technological Firm
Organizational innovation is a crucial factor for firms’ economic success as well as a competitive edge and long-term survival, primarily as a response to advances in technology and competition in the global markets. This study proposes a comprehensive multi-level model to better understand the effect of cultural differences on organizational innovation performance through individual exploration and exploitation activities, based on the ambidexterity theory. The study model consists of four cultural hierarchies at the national, organizational, team and the individual levels, where lower levels are nested within higher levels and each cultural level represents a different unit of analysis. We suggest that culture, at all levels, influences organizational innovation and hence firm performance. In addition, organizational learning is mediator this relation, and self-efficacy is moderator it. The study will survey 4,000 R&D employees from 7 countries: USA, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, China, India and Israel, working at the SW division of a global technology company, traded in NASDAQ. Data will be collected by using structured questionnaires and organizational data. Organizational innovation will be measured by organizational innovation performance through patents. Firm performance will be measured through financial results. Since the research model has four different level of analysis, beyond the acknowledged statistical methods, we will use HLM or CLOP. Theoretical contribution on the relationship between cultural dimensions, individual’s exploration-exploitation and organizational innovation will be discussed. Also, we present practical implications by providing managerial tools to managers and decision makers in global technological organizations.




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