Departmental Seminar

24/03/2015 - 14:00




Dr. Anat Goldstain

University of Duisburg-Essen



A study of the support of massively distributed autonomous decision makers with interconnected behavior: Assessing the Performance of Massively Distributed DSS Architectures




The new levels of computer-based connectivity bring with them more instances of massively distributed decision systems and corresponding computer-based systems to support them. From the selection of video contents in modern TV networks all the way to massively multi-player online games, massively large number of users makes joint decisions.

Our research recognizes this distinct type of a decision support system (DSS) – the massively distributed DSS. Specifically, the research examines the distributed computational architecture of this type of DSS and studies comprehensively its performance characteristics. Using a new performance evaluation approach it explores the relationships between expected DSS response times and essential attributes of massively distributed decision situations such as decision pace, decisions interdependence, decision support complexity and number of users. This research builds on – and integrates – three distinct bodies of knowledge, namely DSS, distributed computational systems and performance evaluation of computational systems.