Departmental Sminar

25/03/2014 - 14:00


Mr. Or Shalom

Information Security




Cyber in the business world - A Threat or an Opportunity?




Numerous businesses are a target for cyber attacks designed to harm the targeted information and business themselves. Currently it is possible to interrupt business operations using a computer, keyboard and mouse. This is achieved by damaging the Availability of data (for instance the Iranians attacks on online banks services in the U.S), Confidentiality of data or / and Data Integrity violation (for example damage in DSS - Decision Support Systems). By reviewing the case study of cyber-attack event in Lockheed Martin and the significance to the - F-35 Program we will understand The impact of cyber-attacks on businesses. On the other hand Cyber world creates market opportunities of Billions of dollars.

In the lecture I will review the R & D, investments and opportunities of the cyber world.